Sync customer data to CRM tools in minutes!

Periodically sync your customer data to sales, marketing or support tools without any help from engineering teams.

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Simple, yet powerful features

Warehouse centric

No more data silos. Let your warehouse be the single source of truth for your business operations.

SQL support

Use the rich features of SQL to transform data in warehouse to make it sync ready.

Always-on encryption

Data is encrypted the moment it leaves your warehouse.


We follow industry standards for secure integration with your warehouses and apps.

Near real-time sync

Support for periodic sync schedules as granular as a minute. No more working with stale data.


Support for all the major cloud data warehouses as sources. List of destination apps expanding rapidly.

Designed for all use cases

Value delivered by a business is largely dependent on having the right data at the right time in operational tools. Castled is primarily focused on bridging the gap in data coherence across various organisations within your business.

Marketing teams

Find the right audience to target

Support teams

Enrich customer support experience by having the latest view of customer data

Sales teams

No more working with stale leads